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Hello! I’m Keith Barker and here’s a little secret to start things off. I’ve been writing blogs for nearly eight years, but I’ve never written one for myself. I’ve written about all sort of things, from recycling to weddings to garden ornaments, but never about graphic design.

Now I’ve set up my own business I’ll hopefully have plenty to talk about, so I’ll talk about it here.

I’ll kick off with a brief resumé of what I’ve done since turning freelance. I finished working full-time in the first week of June, and since then I’ve done two days of paid work, and divided the rest of my time between setting up this website and ferrying my son to and from hospital after he broke his hand.

I’m almost done with the website – I’ve commissioned a photo shoot for later today so my beautiful visage can grace the About page. Then it’s into proof-reading and testing on umpteen platforms, etc, before going live.

For anyone interested, the site is self-hosted, using the WordPress platform, and is based on the Divi theme by Elegant Themes, which I’ve customised to suit my needs.

Anyway, the plan for the blog is to include work in progress, borrow cool things from around the web and pontificate on stuff. Hopefully it will be useful or entertaining. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, or I might have to dig out the garden ornament article again.

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Keith Barker