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If you sell premium or luxury products/services, such as travel, home improvements, vehicles or consumer tech, an unexpected platform is emerging for you to explore – LinkedIn.

Known as a B2B network for professionals, LinkedIn is courting B2C marketers with compelling insights from its 2023 “Meet the Member” research, conducted in partnership with Interpret.

The findings reveal that LinkedIn’s user base not only possesses higher average household incomes and median owned assets compared to active users on other platforms, but also displays a pronounced inclination towards spending on luxury goods and experiences.

This demographic values lifestyle and status, actively seeks the latest trends and product innovations, and utilises their network to influence purchasing decisions. This positions LinkedIn as an attractive platform for marketers targeting affluent consumers.

Linkedin's Meet the Member Research Findings

Source: LinkedIn Meet the Member Research Study, Commissioned by Interpret, July 2023

Early Adopters

The research further delves into the purchasing habits and preferences of LinkedIn members, highlighting their anticipation for making significant purchases and their appetite for luxury goods.

With nearly half of the members planning a major personal investment within the year and a substantial interest in being early adopters of new technology, LinkedIn’s audience stands out for their willingness to spend on premium items.

Additionally, the platform’s role in facilitating product discovery and recommendations among its users underscores the potential for marketers to leverage this engaged community.

While LinkedIn continues to prioritise B2B marketing, the insights from this study suggest a fertile ground for B2C marketing strategies, encouraging businesses to explore new advertising opportunities and content strategies on the platform.

Read more: Meet the Member.

Photo by Link Hoang on Unsplash

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