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In July of this year, I was recommended on LinkedIn as someone who could help with a logo and web design project. The original poster, Zoe Denning, had an accountancy business and was looking for a refresh of her logo and a new website.

After shortlisting a few designers and talking with them, I won the project.

Zoe‘s business, IAS, provides a range of training, set up and advisory services for small businesses that use Xero cloud accounting software.

Logo Design

The first stage of the project was to redesign her existing logo. Zoe wanted to retain the cloud icon with the arrow representing data input, but the rest was up for development.

I provided three options as we were looking to evolve the existing logo rather than completely start again.

Each logo option proposed took a step further away from the existing design. When I work on a logo refresh, 80% of my clients select option two, which isn’t usually too far removed from their original logo.

I always offer a third option that pushes the brief and develops the logo further than the client expects. In this case, the third, braver option is the one Zoe went for.

Ias Old Logo

The old logo

Ias Xero for Smes Logo

The newly designed logo

I say brave because we did two things; we removed the company name, Informed Accounting Solutions, and in its place, we introduced a new positioning statement, Xero for SMEs.

The purpose of the positioning statement is to explicitly state what the company does. “Informed Accounting Solutions” doesn’t really tell you very much, so I suggested this distinct statement to leave the reader in no doubt about what the company provides.

I chose this particular line for two other reasons: its value as an SEO keyword, and the domain name was available for the new website.

The logo went through two revisions, and I also created black-and-white and mono versions for various uses in the future.

Website design

Zoe provided a very clear framework for the website. During our discussions, I offered to include copy editing services. These are intended to ensure that the client’s copy is as effective as possible, uses SEO ranking keywords, and is grammatically correct.

The site design is based on the three shades of blue used in the logo. Zoe wanted a clean and crisp design, so I used a single typeface throughout, simple icons, and licensed stock photography, which was treated with a blue overlay.

As part of the service, we switched Zoe‘s email provider to use my hosting provider instead. We also created a subdomain so she can provide a client login.

The whole project took just over two months and went live last week.

There are still a few additions to be made, including a video section and some extra FAQs, and these will be added as soon as they’re available.

You can see the site live at Xero for SMEs.

If you want to work with me on your next logo and website design project, please contact me. Here’s what Zoe had to say about the project and her experience.

I have been in business for nearly two years and had designed my website myself with a little help from a graphic designer friend. I now wanted to revamp my business and make a conscious re-launch to attract new clients.

To help with this, I needed a whole new website developed that was in line with how I wanted my business to be promoted and known.

My biggest concern was that my vision wouldn’t materialise. I struggle with explaining how I can see something looking in my mind, so I needed someone that would ask the right questions and grasp a sense of me and my business.

Keith from Keefomatic was recommended to me on LinkedIn, which is a bonus as I wouldn’t want to work with anyone who wasn’t. I spoke with him as well as 3-4 other designers and quickly realised that he was very honest and up-front, particularly around costings, as the budget I had set was highly unrealistic. I felt he asked the right questions, came across as approachable and friendly and I knew that he would help me out when my knowledge was lacking.

The initial meeting covered everything needed to get going, and soon afterwards, I had examples of my refreshed logo and home page. Any points I raised or questions I asked, he came back quickly and really helped me understand the process more. I was dreading it, but he actually made it enjoyable and gave me the buzz back that I needed when I could see my vision for my business coming to life.

Apart from your his patience wiith me, I liked how he explained parts of the design process along with features on my website that I never understood before. I really liked seeing the first draft of logo adjustments etc, because I knew then I had made the right decision to work with him as he got me.

Nothing seems like too much hassle and he explained things in a simple and easy-to-follow way. Keith was upfront about how it all works, costings, timescales etc so there is a clear pathway to work towards.

I would recommend using Keefomatic – no hesitation.

Zoe Denning

IAS Xero for SMEs

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