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As well as being a highly experienced designer, I am also a copywriter and marketing professional.

This combination of skills means your design projects benefit from an input of real-world marketing experience.

Email giveaway

David Granger Architectural Design needed to reach a younger audience, as their existing customer base was ageing.

I interviewed a number of their existing customers and staff. From that research I wrote and designed this free guide.

Website visitors download the guide in return for joining David Granger’s email mailing list, which I also write.

There are four of these guides, and between them they have generated over £80k of new business since they were created.

Design, marketing, copywriting – David Granger Architectural Design

Selling service

I created these automotive service reminder postcards for SKODA Aftersales.

Client research had indicated the existing mailers had a low response rate, so the brief was to make the mailers more engaging and memorable.

The services in question: MOTs, clutch belt replacements etc, could be regarded as distress purchases, so a light touch was needed, combined with sympathetic copy that explained the benefits while also subtly cross-selling other service items.

The ideas for each campaign focused on a positive. Rather than selling the negative aspect of a cambelt failure I concentrated on the positive side of loving and caring for your car. Each mailer combined a simple positive message with a striking illustrative photograph.

Design, marketing, copywriting – Skoda

Making a pitch

How do you address a client’s problem when they don’t know they have a problem?

That was the issue Lush Garden Design were having when they needed to use some customer feedback to pitch an offer to local architects.

In this eight page booklet I was able to educate the client about the problem and then sell them a solution using a combination of copywriting and case studies.

Keefomatic Direct Mail Brochure

In 2010 I set up a successful marketing and lead generation system for Lush Garden Design.

Their website is the central hub of their marketing efforts and is fed by social media accounts, email newsletters, blogging and pay-per-click advertising

Years later, I realised this system bares a very close resemblance to an inbound marketing system.

So I went to the industry leaders in inbound marketing, Hubspot, and took their certification programme.

If you’d like to harness the power of inbound marketing for your business, or if you’d just like to know what it can do for you, just get in touch.

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I’ve written the copy or devised the marketing strategy behind these pieces (or both). Click an image for a closer look.

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