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Someone asked me the other day what advice I would give to someone starting a new business.

My exceptionally boring reply was, “Just keep going”.

And today, as I sit here with two newsletters to write and no inspiration, I know I need to take my own advice.

When you run your own business, you’ll be familiar with the sensation of feeling like a broken record when you’re tirelessly promoting yourself.

That’s where I am now.

Battling Marketing Fatigue

Those responsible for small business marketing find themselves in a similar boat. This sensation might not have a snappy, one-word name, but it’s commonly called “marketing fatigue”.

It’s that niggling weariness from repeating your messages over and over again – even to the point of getting sick of the sound of your own voice.

If you network regularly, your elevator pitch starts to sound old and tired. And if you’ve ever tried to create a series of something, like a podcast or an email newsletter, the feeling of running out of exciting things to say is real.

Unfortunately, consistent and persistent promotion is essential for drumming up business.

You need to just keep going.

The Curse of Knowledge in Communication

Hand in hand with ‘marketing fatigue’ comes the ‘curse of knowledge’ – which creeps into our messaging, making it surprisingly difficult to remember what it was like not to know something.

This concept is particularly relevant in the context of marketing fatigue. When you’re knee-deep in your own business, you’re so familiar with the details of your products and services and the value you offer that it can be hard to imagine someone else not understanding or appreciating them as deeply as you do.

This familiarity creates a sort of blindness, where it’s tough to step back and see things from the perspective of someone encountering your business for the first time.

If you suspect this curse of knowledge is creeping into your marketing, it’s tempting to revert to talking about your services in broad, simple terms.

And this is when you feel like you are repeating yourself. You assume that your audience is as bored of your message as you are.

This is rarely true because new prospects and even existing customers might just be getting to grips with what you offer, or they might need regular reminders to keep your business in their thoughts.

Refreshing Your Small Business Marketing

Tying this back to boredom with your own marketing, it’s vital to remember that repetition is not inherently bad. It’s necessary for brand recognition and recall.

However, the curse of knowledge can make it challenging to judge how much repetition is just right. The trick is to find that sweet spot where your message is reinforced without becoming monotonous.

This is where creativity in how you present your message comes into play. Freshening up your approach can help combat your fatigue and make your communications more engaging, ensuring they resonate with your audience, who might be hearing them for the first or fifth time, but not the fiftieth.

So, if you start to feel fatigue setting in, mix up your messages, try new platforms and different formats or experiment with creative approaches. Variety is the spice of life, and it can rejuvenate your marketing efforts, making the process more enjoyable for you and engaging for your audience.

This change will keep your marketing efforts fresh and compelling, warding off fatigue and ensuring your message is always clear and persuasive, not sounding like a stuck record.

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