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Logo Design and Branding

First Impressions Matter, So Your Logo Needs To Be Right

Does your logo reflect what your company stands for? I design logos and branding for small businesses to make sure they stand out from the crowd.

Would You Pay £4.8m For A Logo?

Not many would, but that’s the price BP paid Landor Associates in 2000 to refresh theirs. Over two decades later, the design is still in use, so they are certainly getting their money’s worth.

BP invested so much because it spent decades building its global reputation, and brand recognition is precious to them. So, they needed to get it right.

The Good News Is I Don’t Charge Half That!

But for my clients at the smaller end of the business spectrum, brand recognition is just as important to them as it is to BP.

There is far more competition among small businesses than BP has to face, so it is essential for SMEs to stand out and be recognised.

This is why investing in a logo that conveys what you stand for (while also being memorable, original, flexible and long-lasting) is an essential exercise.

Your Logo Is Often The First Thing A Potential Customer Sees About Your Business

So if your logo looks dated or homemade or like it came from a template, it will reflect on your business. They’ll see you as tired or unprofessional, or ordinary.

A cheap logo can damage your business before you’ve even had a chance to sell anything. So, your logo must set the right tone instantly. That’s where hiring an experienced logo designer comes in.

I’ve Been A Logo Designer For Over 30 Years

During that time, I’ve created logos for all sorts of companies – multinationals, SMEs and one-person start-ups – across a wide range of industries.

Today, I specialise in small business branding and logo design. No matter the size of the client, my aim is the same. I’ll craft you an original, adaptable, memorable, timeless logo that will last.

In fact, many of my logo designs are still used a decade after they were designed. I’ll ensure your logo helps you attract more of the right kind of clients, not turn them away.

Ashby Treats Logo Presentation

I believe that every logo designer has their own unique style, and for me, I tend to lean towards a typographic approach. I’m a bit of a font nerd, which means I put a lot of effort into selecting the perfect typeface that accurately reflects the values your business stands for. 

Circling Squares Logo Development
Circling Squares Logo Development

There Are Three Types Of Businesses I Can Help

  • New start-ups – beginning from scratch with no branding at all.
  • Existing companies – who wish to tear up their old brand and start again.
  • Existing companies – wishing to evolve their logo and branding as their company grows and changes over time.

I Only Work On Ten Logo Projects Per Year

I’m a company of one, and I like to get things right. So firstly, I give priority to clients who are on my mailing list (if you’d like to join, click here).

Secondly, I don’t believe in churning out lazy, cookie-cutter designs using templates, free fonts and clip art. Logos like these barely last a year, in my experience, and that is a waste of your money.

Mine is a superior service that requires additional time and effort to create a lasting logo. It also enables me to work with fewer, more valued clients who see creating a new logo as an investment in their business.

My logo design packages and prices are detailed below if you’d like to become a valued client.

Logo Design Packages

The Silver logo package is the no-frills budget option – I create one design which can be amended twice before completion.

Most of my clients, however, opt for the more valuable Gold or Platinum+ logo packages. These give you more design options and revision rounds. See below for a detailed breakdown of the packages.

If you’d like to order a package, payment is split into two stages: 50% on order and the remainder on completion.

Please note that the 50% initial payment is non-refundable – see the FAQ section below for more info.

Ashby Treats Branding
Logo Design Branding Mockups
My logo design process includes examples of your branding in action, so you can better visualise your new logo in the real world.
Circling Squares Brand Development

Logo Package Price List

The price you see is the price you pay. There are no hidden extras, and there is no VAT.

Number of initial bespoke design concepts
Rounds of changes included
'In use' visuals
Vector logo files (EPS and PDF)
Web and screen logo files (JPG and PNG)
Copyright ownership rights
A favicon for your website
Branded graphics for two social media business pages (e.g. Linkedin and Facebook)
Brand style guide


Silver Logo Package





Gold Logo Package





Platinum+ Logo Package





How Does The Logo Design Process Work?

Getting Started

Unlike many logo designers, I take the time to learn about and understand your business.

At the start, I’ll ask you to complete a logo questionnaire, and we’ll have a discovery meeting (in person or via Zoom). I will look at your company’s history, your vision, and your place in the market. I also learn about your target audience. This research is an essential part of designing a logo that lasts.

The insights from my research steer the design phase, where I’ll explore numerous ideas and directions for your logo designs. This is why (unlike some designers) I don’t offer to turn your logo concepts around in 24 hours. (Who needs a logo that quickly anyway?)

Depending on the package chosen, I will present you with 1-3 design concepts for your new logo based on our agreed brief. The designs have supporting ‘in-use’ imagery, so you can easily visualise your logo in real-life situations, such as on stationery, signage or packaging.

You choose one logo design concept, and I develop it further (if required) with various revisions built into the packages. We’ll collaborate to refine the design until it is approved. 

Then your logo files will be supplied to you in multiple formats, including files for print (EPS and PDF) and screens (JPG and PNG).


You will, of course, own full copyright to your design – I only ask that you grant me ‘portfolio rights’ to use the logo in my marketing.

For the Gold and Platinum+ Logo packages, I include provide you with a Favicon, the small icon that serves as branding for your website and appears next to the web address in your browser’s address bar.

The Platinum+ Logo package also includes social media banner graphics for two of your social media business accounts (e.g. Facebook and LinkedIn). You also receive a brand style guide to communicate your new logo design and the rules that control its use to your team members or outside professionals.

Adding additional services

Should you need them, I also offer design and print services to extend your brand identity, including business cards, stationery, brochures, roller banners for networking, flyers and more.

I also offer web design services, which are especially useful for new businesses, and this service can be combined with your logo design project.

I’ve had many positive testimonials from my clients, who have been impressed by my professional design process, communication, advice, and friendly approach.

You can also read logo design case studies for two recent projects: Ashby Treats and Liz Milsom Properties.

Want to Find Out More?

If you have any queries, need more info or just want to get started, get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?

The process, from your initial payment to a discovery meeting, initial designs, revisions and supply of final files, usually takes 2-3 weeks.

Why is the deposit non-refundable?

In the highly unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with your initial logo concepts and the subsequent revisions, the 50% deposit covers some of the significant time I will have invested in the project. If you are dissatisfied, the remaining 50% would not become due, and the project would be cancelled.

However, you would not be able to use any of the designs produced, and I would retain all intellectual property rights to the designs created.

While that may sound harsh, it’s never happened in over thirty years of designing logos. (That’s not a challenge, by the way!)

What happens if I need more revisions than are included?

If you buy the Platinum+ Logo package, revisions are unlimited. But even for the other packages, it’s rare for a project to go beyond two rounds of revisions. However, if more revisions are required, they will be billed at £50 per hour.

Can I add additional print projects to the process?

You can – any additional printing projects will be quoted separately, and a price agreed upon in advance of production.

Can I add a new website to the process?

Yes, in fact, many of my clients do. I’m happy to discuss your website requirements, and I have a number of pay monthly plans available.

Nothing seems like too much hassle and he explained things in a simple and easy-to-follow way. Keith was upfront about how it all works, costings, timescales etc., so there is a clear pathway to work towards. I would recommend using Keefomatic – no hesitation."

– Zoe Denning – Xero for SMEs

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