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Letterpress Business Card

As a graphic designer, setting up your own business puts you in the unfamiliar position of having to specify print for yourself. And as it turns out, I am a terrible client!

On the plus side, I knew the look I wanted to achieve. On the minus side, I couldn’t settle on a design. As days turned into weeks, I revised the layout and the information over and over again. I really wanted my business cards to be double-sided, but I knew that cost implications would put that out of reach. Eventually I settled on a design – now to get some quotes.

Letterpress printing is a labour intensive business, so prices are on the high side. I got two quotes, and went with Elegante Press, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. From the sample pack they sent out, through to the quotation and ordering process, the final delivery and even the wrapping, they were excellent.

I went for a simple Pantone silver print on to 100% cotton 540gsm black board, with silver painted edges. The silver loses its shine when printed on black board, but that was the effect I was after.

Now all I have to do is give them to people…