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Print marketing can be a powerful tool for small businesses looking to reach new customers and boost brand recognition. While many businesses focus on digital marketing, print materials can offer a number of unique benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The Fall and Rise of Print Marketing

It is important to note that printed publications have had to adapt to the changing landscape of information consumption. With more people choosing to consume information from online sources instead of newspapers and magazines, the print industry has seen a decline in sales. This shift in consumer behaviour has led some media companies, including ESPN, to make significant changes in their strategies. They have ceased print versions of their magazines and become exclusively online, acknowledging the need to adapt to the preferences of their audience.

Despite the rise of online sources, there have been instances where print publications have experienced a resurgence in popularity. The global pandemic, for instance, caused millions of people across the globe to work remotely, resulting in increased screen time. During this time, having a physical copy of a magazine offered a much-needed break from staring at a screen. This unexpected demand for print magazines shows that the industry can still provide a valuable and unique experience for readers.

Make a lasting impression

One of the biggest advantages of print marketing is its tangibility. A physical brochure or flyer can be handed out at events, mailed directly to potential customers, or even left in a store for interested shoppers to pick up. This makes it easier for businesses to make a lasting impression on their target audience.

Print is regarded as more trustworthy

Print marketing can also help small businesses build trust with their customers. Studies have shown that people often perceive print materials as more trustworthy and credible than digital ads, which can be easily ignored or dismissed. By leveraging this trust, small businesses can establish themselves as reliable and authoritative within their industry. This is especially crucial in a digital world where consumers are bombarded with digital advertisements constantly.

Better ROI

In addition to these benefits, print marketing can also offer a great return on investment. While digital ads may require ongoing payments to maintain visibility, print materials can often be produced at a lower cost and used repeatedly over time. This makes them a smart choice for small businesses looking to maximize their marketing budget and achieve long-term brand recognition.

Do we still need print marketing in a digital world?

It’s important to recognize that print and digital marketing can work together harmoniously, complementing each other’s strengths and creating a comprehensive marketing approach.

Print marketing should not be disregarded in a digital world. Its tangibility, trustworthiness, and cost-effectiveness make it a valuable tool for small businesses. By combining the power of print and digital marketing, businesses can maximise their reach, make lasting impressions, and establish themselves as reputable brands in their respective industries.

Overall, there are many compelling reasons for small businesses to invest in print marketing. Whether it’s to increase brand recognition, build trust with customers, or simply reach new audiences, the right print materials can make a big impact.

By recognising the strengths of both print and digital marketing, businesses can develop an integrated marketing strategy that combines the tangibility and trust-building capabilities of print materials with the wide reach and cost-effectiveness of digital marketing. This approach allows for a holistic and comprehensive marketing campaign that maximises the impact on target audiences in a digital world.

Where do you start with print marketing?

Now you have an understanding of the benefits print marketing can bring to your small business. But if you’re only used to creating digital marketing, how do you get started with print?

One of the most significant issues to overcome is that print marketing needs longer lead times. You must factor in time for design, production, printing, delivery and distribution. A failure to plan far enough ahead will result in missed opportunities, last-minute panics and higher printing costs.

So, to effectively plan printed marketing, you need a planner.

Print Marketing Planning Journal by Keefomatic
Print Marketing Planning Journal in Use

There weren’t any on the market – so I made my own.

The Print Marketing Planning Journal from Keefomatic is explicitly aimed at small businesses like us who want to plan printed marketing and combine print and digital marketing to achieve better results.

You can find out more and buy your copy here.


How can Keefomatic help with your print marketing efforts?

Keefomatic can offer invaluable assistance in enhancing your print marketing efforts. Rather than advocating for one form of marketing over the other, I believe that print and digital can work harmoniously together. By leveraging the power of both mediums, Keefomatic can help you achieve optimum results.

One incredible way I can assist is by incorporating QR codes into your printed materials. For example, including a QR code in a magazine or leaflet can seamlessly bridge the gap between the physical and digital realms. These QR codes can be strategically placed to direct potential customers to special promotions or additional information, effectively engaging them in the most effective manner.

If you are eager to explore the endless possibilities of print marketing, get in touch. I’m ready to discuss tailored strategies that align with your unique business goals.

Whether you have questions, require more information, or wish to discuss specific ideas, Keefomatic is just a click away. Contact here or give me a call on 01530 588 110 to start transforming your print marketing efforts today.

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