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Everyone knows about FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions. They’re a functional but unremarkable presence on company web pages all over the world.

They allow you to address common concerns about your products and services. Having a list of FAQs saves you the time required to answer the same queries repeatedly.

But FAQs hold a hidden power, and just publishing an FAQ page means a vital business opportunity is being wasted.

If they’ve found your FAQ page, your typical customer has shown a degree of interest in what you have to offer. But what do they do after they’ve read them?

Possibly they’ll click to another page on your site. But the chances are they’ll browse to another site entirely.

And once they’re gone, they’re gone! You don’t know who they were, and the chance to engage them further about your products is over.

Wouldn’t it be better to stay in contact with these people and send them relevant information from time to time – nurturing them to become customers?

Of course, it would.

So how can we remain connected to these prospects and harness the hidden power of FAQs?

Turn your FAQs into a Lead Magnet

Firstly, a bit of Marketing 101 (if you aren’t aware of how this works).

Content marketing is based on the idea that, by giving away valuable content to potential clients, you can attract them and gradually persuade them to become your customer.

For that to happen (these days), you need their permission to send them marketing information.

And one of the most tried and tested ways of doing this is offering a free giveaway (sometimes called a lead magnet) in exchange for an individual’s email address, which is added to your mailing list.

While what you’re giving away is free, it has to have some value, or people won’t be interested.

And what interests people greatly is themselves and the problems they need to solve.

When you think about it, that’s what FAQs do – they answer the common problems and objections prospects have when thinking about purchasing your service.

“How long does it take to arrive?”

“Is there a money-back guarantee?”

And that’s where the hidden power of FAQs comes from. If they answer people’s queries and objections about using your service, you will have their complete attention.

So, by packaging up your FAQs and offering them as your free giveaway, you’re giving people valuable content.

And this time, you’re getting their email address in return, along with their express permission to send them more information.

Your Prospects No Longer Disappear.

Now if you did this today I guarantee you’d make a great start to building your mailing list.

But we can do better than that.

How would it be if, as well as FAQs, we also added some highly persuasive customer testimonials – the kind of endorsements that sell your services better than you can?

With the testimonial system I use (for my clients and for myself), obtaining compelling testimonials is a simple process. If you want to know how it’s done, all the details are here for free. (You just need to give me your email address – that’s how it works!)

Then, with your FAQs and testimonials gathered together, we need to do one last thing to turn them into a valuable download.

We Need To Package Them Up.

And by that, I mean we need to present them in an attractive, professional way. We brand them with your company logo and colours. We create a design that looks like a smart printed booklet – and convert the booklet into a downloadable PDF.

By packaging your content, we make it more shareable and consumable, and we’re adding extra value and reinforcing your brand at the same time.

Once you have your smartly designed FAQ booklet ready, all that remains is to link it to your mailing list’s sign-up form.

Then, as you build your list, you write to it…

But Does This Really Work?

In 2017 I created some FAQ booklets for an architect client of mine. They had four different services, so we made a separate PDF for each service.

Together with the testimonials I’d gathered, we used these PDFs as giveaways and began building four brand new mailing lists.

15 months later, the PDFs and the monthly newsletters that followed, had generated £80,000 of new business. We’d converted 15.7% of the people who’d downloaded a PDF into paying customers.

That’s £80k of business from people who’d previously been clicking away from their site and were considered lost.

(Those PDFs are still in use today, by the way, still building their lists and generating income. Some of them now have printed versions available too.)

Generate leads with downloadable PDFs

How Can You Turn Your FAQ Page Into A Lead Magnet?

Two ways:

  1. Do It Yourself. I’ve told you everything you need to know – I’ve even offered you the testimonial system for free. All the information you need to start building your prospect list is right here.
  2. I could do it for you. If you don’t have the time to write, design and package your FAQ booklet (or the patience, the tools or the inclination) – I do.

My FAQ Lead Magnet service comes in two versions:

  1. I design it for you (you provide all the content), or
  2. I design it, AND I obtain the testimonials for you.

Design Only costs £99 per PDF
Design + Testimonials costs £149 per PDF.

When you think that £80k of new sales started with just four of these FAQ booklets, that looks like an incredible deal.

Remember, the sales process starts by attracting people to your mailing list with something valuable, and your FAQs are far too valuable to just give away.

You just need to create a persuasive, branded FAQ booklet so you can build a mailing list of prospects and start selling.

If you’d like my help with that, please get in touch below or give me a call on 01530 588 110.

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