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A Gift For You, from Keefomatic

Who doesn’t love free goodies?

Giving away stuff is an age-old marketing tool. In the past, it was free samples or new products to try on approval. These days, it’s ebooks and articles.

The same principle that applied then applies now. In the old days, you’d trade your name, address and phone number for your freebie. Today, I just want your email address. Not only do you get to grab my free marketing resources, but you also have the chance to experience my newsletter – worth every penny you paid for it!

So, whether you’re looking for fresh ideas or some actionable tips, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some practical, free marketing resources, all designed to give your business some extra oomph without costing a penny.

From insightful email guides to handy checklists, there’s something here for every business owner keen to make their mark. Dive in – help yourself!


a Gift for You, from Keefomatic

Free Guide: Take the Guesswork Out of Social Media Marketing

As a small business owner, I’m sure you’re no stranger to the daunting world of social media marketing.

You’re probably grappling with questions like: “Which platform will give me the best return? How often should I post? What kind of content? And how do I know if it’s working?”

If you feel a bit lost, you’re not alone.

Many small business owners find themselves overwhelmed by the number of options. Each platform has its own set of rules, audiences and types of content, and the pressure to make the right choice can be paralysing.

After all, time and resources are precious, and you can’t afford to waste them on a social media strategy that doesn’t deliver.

Where to Start with Social Media for Your Business - Free Download

Managing social media can feel like a second job due to its constant demand for content and engagement. Plus, it requires a mix of creative and technical skills to master its algorithms, create compelling posts and interpret data. This often turns it into a stress point instead of a marketing asset.

But here’s some good news: you don’t have to tackle this alone. Imagine having a guide that breaks down each social media platform—its strengths, weaknesses, and the types of audiences it attracts—a resource that offers insights into not just organic content strategies but also how to plan, set goals and measure your results.

That’s exactly what I’ve created for you. “Where to Start With Social Media for Your Business” is a straightforward, easy-to-understand guide designed to take the guesswork out of social media marketing.

It’s packed with practical tips, platform breakdowns and actionable advice to help you make informed decisions about your social media strategy.

And the best part? It’s completely free. This guide is my way of supporting you in navigating the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.

To secure your free copy, simply sign up for my Marketing Matters mailing list. You’ll receive a link to download your free copy and my Marketing Matters newsletter, which is full of helpful hints and tips. You are, of course, free to unsubscribe at any time, and I never pass your details to anyone else.

Free Website Audit Checklist

This comprehensive checklist can help you uncover hidden opportunities to optimise your website, improve user experience, and improve your online presence.

Stay ahead of your competitors by identifying areas for improvement in website design, SEO, content strategy and more. Use this valuable resource to ensure your website is fully optimised for success.

A website audit can cover a wide range of areas, encompassing technical issues, security, SEO, management and marketing.

To get you started, I offer this simple, free-to-use, plain English website audit checklist so you can undertake an initial, broad audit of your site. This will help you quickly understand where you are doing well and where improvements are required.

Free Website Audit Checklist

This checklist covers many of your website’s technical aspects and also examines how your site fits within your marketing strategy. Additionally, it covers practical management tasks that are often overlooked, such as keeping a record of who has login access and regularly testing your contact forms.

Ultimately, conducting website audits is not just about fixing problems but about continuously optimising and evolving your website to meet your audience’s ever-changing demands.

So, don’t neglect the power of website audits – take charge of your website’s success today!

To secure your free audit checklist, simply sign up for my Marketing Matters mailing list. You’ll receive a link to download your free audit and my Marketing Matters newsletter, which is full of helpful hints and tips. You are, of course, free to unsubscribe at any time, and I never pass your details to anyone else. 

Free Email Series: 20 Ways to Stand Out Using Print

I’ve been a print designer for over thirty years, and during that time, I’ve learned a lot. In 2022 I decided I’d write some of it down and share it for free with my fellow small business owners.

There is already an ocean of marketing advice available to small business owners. The problem is that most of it is based on using social media and digital marketing.

I have nothing against these channels. I use them myself. The trouble is, so does everyone else.

If you’re struggling to make yourself heard on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, one way to stand out from the crowd is with some old-school printed marketing.

2- Ways to Stand out Using Print

And here is how to do it: If you are tired of blending in with your competitors on social media, it’s time to try something different to stand out and make a real impact.

Introducing my FREE email series, 20 Ways to Stand Out Using Print. With tried-and-tested tips and ideas, you’ll learn how to market your business in a way that few others do.

My 30 years of print marketing experience has been condensed into 20 short, daily emails containing tips that you can use as your own. These ideas won’t break the bank, but they will help you cut through the noise and get noticed.

Are you ready to try something new? Subscribe now to receive my print marketing tips directly in your inbox. It’s time to stand out!

(This content is being expanded into a book, so get it for free now while it’s still available.)

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