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It’s fast approaching trade show and expo season, and at this time of year, I design and supply a lot of roller banners for exhibitors.

Roller banners (pictured below, left) are popular because they give you maximum business impact at minimum cost.

But they are not without issues. Firstly, try putting one up if you’re under five foot four!

Another issue with them is that replacing the graphics is an absolute pain, leading many people to throw away the entire cassette when the graphics go out of date.

Now I have an environmentally better alternative – the canvas X frame banner.

Roller Banners and Canvas X-frame Banners

No more wasteful roller banners going to landfill. With these eco-friendly X-frame banners, you can exhibit at trade shows and events knowing that your graphics are fully recyclable. 

A canvas X-frame banner (pictured right) consists of a lightweight frame system and a separately printed banner, held under tension by hooks in the frame.

When it’s time to change the graphics, you only need to replace the canvas banner, not the hardware itself, making them much better for the environment.

However, until recently, the only banner material available was PVC, which can’t be recycled.

But now, I can supply ECO-friendly, non-PVC banners which are 100% biodegradable.

X-frame banners are portable, which makes it easy to leave them installed in your office or showroom when not required elsewhere.

They are also ideal for people with a sideline business, as they can now promote each business but only purchase one banner stand.

There is one height option, 1800mm, and three widths available: 600mm, 700mm and 800mm. 

I offer these canvas X-frame banners for a fixed price – designed, printed and delivered with no extra VAT. The latest prices for these, and their equivalent PVC (not recyclable) versions, are on my Graphic Design & Print page.

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