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Journaling is a ‘big thing’ at the moment.

Regularly writing down your thoughts can help you achieve your goals and give you a sense of self-awareness and growth.

Although keeping a diary is as old as paper and handwriting itself, modern therapeutic journal writing was first popularized in the 1960s by American psychologist Dr Ira Progoff. He ran workshops teaching his journal-keeping method to over a quarter of a million people.

In 1978 three books were published, which brought the act of journaling into the public’s consciousness. Dr Progoff’s own ‘At a Journal Workshop’; Christina Baldwin’s ‘One to One: Self Understanding Through Journal Writing’; and Tristine Rainer’s ‘The New Diary’.

The last two books were so popular they are still in print today.

Journal writing began to be used within the US school system in the 1980s and was also adopted by medical and therapeutic communities. Kathleen Adams, a psychotherapist, published ‘Journal to the Self: 22 Paths to Personal Growth’ in 1990, which remains a best seller.

Today, many coaches, healers and teachers from various disciplines encourage the people they support to keep a journal.

With the arrival of cheap digital printing and self-publishing software like Canva and InDesign, coaches can now afford to provide their clients with original journals tailored to their programmes.

Coaches feel that providing clients with their own branded, bespoke journal adds real value to their courses. The journals also encourage their clients to keep progressing.

Kapow! Book of Brain Journal for Sheena Whyatt

The KAPOW! Book of Brain journal for business coach Sheena Whyatt

Self Discovery Journal by Zoe Saari

Self Discovery Journal by life coach and well-being psychologist Zoe Saari

Marketing Journal by Amanda Roulstone

Annual Marketing Planner 2022 by marketing virtual assistant Amanda Roulstone

My Fitness Journey Journal by George Einchcomb of Orion Fitness

My Fitness Journey by fitness coach George Einchcomb of Orion Performance

This year I’ve been helping some coaches and consultants publish their first journals. Three were self-designed by the coaches themselves using Canva, and I was able to advise on the technical aspects of creating the artwork, such as using the correct margins, so the binding does not obscure the print.

Another, for George Einchcomb, a fitness coach from Orion Performance, was designed by me to his specifications. We calculated the number of pages and writing space required to create a 52-week fitness diary.

His journal contains space for his clients to annotate their thoughts, record their weight measurements, and food intake, and it also includes motivational quotes throughout.

I arranged the printing for all these journals. Order quantities start at 25 copies, and the journals themselves can extend to 180 pages, if required, in sizes from A6 up to A3 on a wide range of paper stocks.

There is even an option to have the journals printed on tear-proof and wipe-clean synthetic paper – ideal for recipe books if you fancy becoming the next Nigella.

Are you a coach, trainer or consultant who would like to give clients their own bespoke printed journal?

Then let’s talk about how to make it happen. Give me a call on 01530 588 110, or drop me a message using the form below.

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