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Times are hard. There’s no other way of putting it. Mortgages, energy, and food prices are all rising. Global and national politics is in turmoil, and, as business owners, we have to keep going.

So, what do you do, as a business, to keep moving forward?

My advice is to invest in your marketing. It’s never been so important to be visible to your customers.

As a provider of marketing and design services for small businesses, it’s my job to help as many people who will listen, so they can come out of this chaos in better shape than when they went in.

And one way to achieve that is to be smart about investing your marketing budget and ensuring you get real value for money.

With a bespoke company calendar, you could advertise on your customers’ desks for 0.4 pence per day.

Bespoke company calendars are a valuable marketing tool. They’re practical, so people use them, and as they sit on your customers’ desks, they unobtrusively advertise your business for an entire year at fractions of pence per day.

Check out these calendar options. If you’d like a quote for me to design and print you a budget-friendly, long-lasting bespoke company calendar, get in touch below.

Desk Calendars

Wire-bound desk calendars

These make fantastic client gifts that can be designed with your business logo and branding and up to 13 images. Keep your brand on your customers’ desks for 365 days.

Available in DL (210x99mm) or A5.

Tent Calendars

Free-standing tent calendars

Similar in appearance to desk calendars and about the same size. They’re an opportunity to display your branding in glorious full-colour print and provide a handy 12-month planner for your clients.

This is a budget-friendly way to ensure your name and contact details stay fresh in their minds for the entire year ahead.

Available in DL (210x99mm) or A6.

Wire Wall Calendars

Wire-bound wall calendars

Perfect for hanging in the office or as corporate gifts for clients. They can be customised with your own brand messages and up to 13 photos.

Available in A3, A4 and A5 sizes, in portrait or landscape format.

Stapled Wall Calendars

Stapled wall calendars

Ideal as branded giveaways for your customers, these folded and stapled calendars pin to a wall or noticeboard and give you 28 pages to fill with your marketing messages.

Available in A4 and A5 formats.

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I'm Keith, the driving force behind Keefomatic Marketing & Design. With a career spanning over 35 years in marketing, design and advertising, I offer a comprehensive, results-driven service tailored to the needs of small business owners.