About Keefomatic

I’m Keith Barker, founder of Keefomatic. We’re a specialist marketing agency working with designers in the homes and gardens sector.

As a designer myself, I feel a bond with the people I work with. Nothing makes us happier than to know we help small design-based businesses grow and connect with their most valuable assets – their customers.

What makes us qualified to work with homes and gardens design businesses?

We have a unique blend of experience at Keefomatic. As well as our work here for our roster of design-based clients, for the past 13 years I have been a partner in a highly successful garden design company. We have over a decade of expertise marketing their services.

We’ve taken that sector-specific marketing know-how and combined it with 30 years’ of wider industry design and marketing experience.

I know what it’s like to run a small design business

You’re the senior creative, but also the boss, the head of operations, the finance department, the sales team, the HR department and the cleaner – all at the same time.

When funds and time are limited, we’ve found the secret to small business success is to outsource the things you find too complicated or too dull. That frees you to concentrate on what made you start your own business in the first place.

For most creative business owners, modern marketing is too complicated

And while marketing can be complex, it’s the scope of it that can be overwhelming.

You start with needing a logo. Then you need business cards and some branded items. Soon you are advertising. Then you have your website to create. And everyone says you need a blog, so you’ve got to write that.

And then you need to start with social media. Before you know it, you’re writing an email newsletter once a week and trying to stay on top of half a dozen social media accounts and a YouTube channel.

Your marketing department (i.e. you) is creaking under the strain.

And on top of that, you have actual work to do for paying customers.

So, for a more sane and productive you, outsource your design and marketing to professionals.

Professionals like us

I’ve worn many hats over the years – I’ve been a designer, design studio manager, art director, marketer, copywriter. I’ve worked in London agency ad-land, hectic in-house marketing departments and boutique creative agencies. During that time I worked with a wide variety of great companies and brands, including Volkswagen, Panasonic, Sky, Avent, Bridgestone and Plumb Center.

In 2015, after 25 years, I left that all behind to set up Keefomatic. I wanted to work with small business owners, to help them stress less and grow more.

In five years we built up a thriving marketing agency with a broad range of clients, from engineers, management consultants, utility companies, a PR firm (and even had a cartoonist, a hypnotherapist and a TV cameraman). But we also grew a core of clients in the homes and gardens sector – garden designers, architects, landscaping companies and interior designers.

In 2020 we decided to concentrate solely on those businesses, and so our niche agency was born.

All design and marketing should create value

I’ve worked at places where design and marketing were all about vanity and prizes. I’m not interested in that – I’m interested in results.

If you can’t point to an improvement: an increase in sales, or leads, or some kind of return on investment in design and marketing, you’ll have wasted your money and your time.

When you work with us, we don’t waste either.

Compared to a lot of businesses, home-design companies have a lot going for them. You have great-looking products to sell, and you have compelling creative transformations and human interest stories to tell.

You provide aspirational services that enhance the lifestyles of your clients, and your services lend themselves beautifully to the creation of articles, videos, photography, brochures and social media. Perfect material for content marketing, social media and your email list.

You need a marketing partner who knows how to make it work for you.

So, here’s what we’re looking for

We want to work with architects, architectural designers, interior and KBB designers, garden designers and landscaping companies. 

If that’s you, and you’re looking to grow, or you’re struggling with doing it all yourself, we’ll lift that weight from your shoulders and free you to accomplish your goals. We have the experience to help you, and the results to prove it.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you, just let me know.

Talk soon,

Keith Barker

Keith Barker – founder of Keefomatic


I’ve been lucky to work all over the place and try many different things – from art directing a photo shoot on a volcano…

Shooting award-winning gardens

…to marketing award-winning architecture, gardens and bathrooms. (The models were a little easier to work with too.)

Shooting award-winning gardens

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