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Customers are fussy, and are turned off by the smallest things. Take the design of your marketing materials. If your logo or advert makes you look a bit like a novice they won’t call you, no matter how much of an expert you are. Poor design makes you look amateurish and who out there is looking to hire an amateur? You’re not, and neither am I.

You get just 3 seconds to make a professional first impression

According to the latest research, within the first 3 seconds of viewing your website, your potential customer has already formed an opinion about your company – how large, how friendly, how efficient, how professional. Just from the way it looks. If your branding doesn’t fill them with confidence about your business from the start, they probably won’t read any further. You’ve lost them before you’ve even said hello, let alone started your sales message.

And if your business cards have ‘VistaPrint’ printed on the back, what does that say about your professional image? Your own business cards are advertising another business.

You formed your small business because you are an expert in something. So you need to give yourself a chance by looking like an expert.

We make those first impressions count

At Keefomatic we specialise in making small businesses look professional. We make sure your logo, your stationery, your flyers, your website, all reflect the values you and your company stand for. We achieve this by working closely with you and really understanding your business. We don’t use templates; we don’t use design clichés. We design your branding to give your company a consistent, professional look that is unique to you.

If your marketing materials make you look like a part-timer instead of an expert, get in touch today via the contact form, and we’ll make sure your first impression gets you through those crucial first 3 seconds, and beyond.

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Keith Barker