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Case Study: Facebook PPC Advertising

We’ve written before about the power of Facebook’s ad platform (see 3 Reasons Why Local Businesses Should Advertise On Facebook).

Today we’ve just completed a Facebook ad campaign for one of our clients, and it delivered a marketing ROI (return on investment) of a staggering 27,677%.

How did we do it?

Without going into identifiable detail (for confidentiality reasons), our client found their enquiries had dried up entirely during the early weeks of the coronavirus lockdown.

With a sense of urgency, they devised a method which would allow them to deliver their design services remotely. They asked us to advertise this revised service, and we worked with them to offer a discount as an incentive (in fact, between us we created three discounts and eventually whittled them down to one).

We then crafted for them a sales landing page for their website and designed a series of Facebook ads aimed at delivering interested leads to the landing page.

The ads ran for five weeks. They delivered more leads than our client had received during the second half of 2019. And all for the princely sum of 6p per click.

So, those are the mechanics of what happened. But what made the difference was

  1. the quality of the product,
  2. the value of the discount, which we worked hard to make as attractive as possible without cheapening the brand,
  3. our copywriting for the landing sales page and the ads themselves, and
  4. our use of the targeting features within Facebook’s ad platform.

Because we have worked with this client for a while, we understand their audience very well. We had multiple audiences already set up in Facebook’s ad manager from past campaigns, and we made sure the writing and the targeting was spot on for their audience.

How do you measure marketing ROI?

Bear in mind here that the job of marketing is to deliver leads. The conversion of leads into sales is in the hands of the client’s salespeople. So we need to plug in a couple of numbers from the client – their past sales conversion rate, and their average price of sales. Brace yourselves for some maths!

[((number of leads x client’s conversion rate x average sales price) – marketing spend) ÷ marketing spend] x 100.

Managing multiple leads

Seven weeks ago, our clients had a real problem on their hands that threatened the existence of the business. Now they have a different kind of problem, managing multiple leads with many of their staff furloughed. But as our client told us yesterday, that’s a much better problem to have.

If your home and garden design business needs leads, we have the expertise, and 27,000 other reasons, to help you find them. Your first step is to get in touch.

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