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How often have you heard this?

“I tried marketing on social media, but it didn’t work.”

It’s a complaint I’ve heard many times from disillusioned business owners.

Disillusioned because they were promised it was FREE – so they ploughed in significant time and effort into amassing likes and followers and posting content.

But it didn’t work.

The trouble with FREE is everybody’s doing it. There is so much noise on social media it’s practically impossible to stand out and sell anything.

And despite the thousands of self-help guides out there showing you how to plan and schedule your content, they all focus on one area – digital marketing.

They ignore a whole range of other less fashionable marketing options, like printing, print advertising and direct mail.

So, I made my own guide.

It’s called 20 Ways To Stand Out Using Print.


Eco-friendly X-frame banners are a great way of shouting about your business

Square Business Cards

There are many different ways you can print business cards to help you stand out

Pos Standees

Printed cardboard standees make an real impact in a retail sales environment 

Desk Calendars

Desk calendars put your message on your customer’s desk for over a year

20 Ways to Stand Out Using Print is a FREE email series in which I’ve highlighted 20 ways (you guessed it) you can do something different and stand apart from your competitors.

There are tips and ideas here for you to use as if they’re your own. Take them, adapt them, steal them.

You can cut through the noise with something unusual and achieve more than most of your competitors, who are still chasing likes and followers.

None of these tips is expensive to use. They’re simply the result of 30 years of print marketing experience, condensed into 20 short, daily emails.

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Here’s what some people had to say about ’20 Ways to Stand Out Using Print’.

I really enjoyed this series, Keith. I’ve tucked it away in a folder to refer back to when I need a bit of marketing inspiration!

I thought the content was great, easy to digest, had nice bits of humour, and felt authentic – like I was chatting to you, which was lovely, and good, clear calls to action.

Sheena Whyatt

KAPOW! Your Super Business Coach

I really liked this series of emails. I thought each one was long enough to explain the point but short enough that it didn’t become a chore reading them.

I enjoyed receiving them and did read them (which is more that can be said about other emails)! They were thought-provoking and not a hard sell.

Erica Cave

Utility Warehouse

I found myself looking forward to the next one! 

I loved the background information throughout, the stories and the analogies. I really enjoyed receiving them, but I always feel I have the ability to take information and apply it to my business.

Mel Drewery

Cookie Doodle Doo

I like their tone; your writing voice is easy, and I think the length is just about right for me.

There is just enough detail about the subject without banging you over the head about it too. Some seem a bit more salesy than others when you mention a specific type of product, for example, but in a nice low-key, “I’m here if you need some help with that” kind of way, which is good.

Marie Walker

MCS Branding

I created 20 Ways to Stand Out Using Print to give you some tried and tested ideas, intended to illustrate how print-based marketing can help you retain customers, attract new ones, and ultimately extract more money from them.

If that sounds like it’s up your street, click the button to get started.

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Keith Barker Designer & Marketing Consultant
I'm Keith, the driving force behind Keefomatic Marketing & Design. With a career spanning over 35 years in marketing, design and advertising, I offer a comprehensive, results-driven service tailored to the needs of small business owners.